The Shadow Government

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Introductory Comments

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The Age of Maximum Transparency

I ended my previous blog entry, Democracy 101, on a rather American and 18th century -centric conclusion. So this is a continuation; bringing things up to date and generalizing the concepts of democracy previously and briefly expounded upon.

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Democracy 101

It is germane to a blog site intent on providing a practical blueprint for radical reform of our democratic systems to first attempt to answer the question as to what actually makes a democracy.

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What this blog is NOT and might be

It is not right wing, or left wing, or even center.
It is not a conspiracy theory.
It is not theory.
It is not a long list of complaints.
It is not a display for my "superior" political analysis.
It is not some long winded diatribe against all the political and social evils we all hear enough about as it is.
It is not the ravings of some prick who just must convince you of his political point of view.

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